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Todays Comodo Pre-Launch

As previously indicated, we unofficially launched our Comodo products today. Thus, starting from today, there are a couple of new product codes available. GET /Products told me, that there are at least that new product codes available:

  • Comodo.ComodoAMT
  • Comodo.ComodoAMTMDC
  • Comodo.ComodoAMTWildcard
  • Comodo.ComodoEV
  • Comodo.ComodoEVMDC
  • Comodo.ComodoMDC
  • Comodo.ComodoSSL
  • Comodo.ComodoSSLUCC
  • Comodo.ComodoSSLWildcard
  • Comodo.ComodoUCC
  • Comodo.EnterpriseSSL
  • Comodo.EnterpriseSSLPro
  • Comodo.EnterpriseSSLProEV
  • Comodo.EnterpriseSSLProEVMDC
  • Comodo.EnterpriseSSLProWildcard
  • Comodo.InstantSSL
  • Comodo.InstantSSLPro
  • Comodo.OptimumSSLEV
  • Comodo.OptimumSSLEVMDC
  • Comodo.OptimumSSLPremium
  • Comodo.OptimumSSLPremiumMDC
  • Comodo.OptimumSSLPremiumWildcard
  • Comodo.PositiveEV
  • Comodo.PositiveEVMDC
  • Comodo.PositiveSSL
  • Comodo.PositiveSSLMDC
  • Comodo.PositiveSSLWildcard
  • Comodo.PremiumSSL
  • Comodo.PremiumSSLWildcard

If you are interested in all the product details, please call the GET /ProductDetails method or browse to

You now can offer Comodo products! Use the chance and extend your portfolio. Your customers are going to love it.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your CertCenter Sales Representative or our support via phone or our beloved intercom chat.



Added 29 Comodo products to our API-enabled TLS products