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Integration of AlwaysOnSSL

This tutorial is about how to obtain free SSL certificates through CertCenter and about how to integrate AlwaysOnSSL

1. Becoming A Partner

It's quite simple to register as a partner. Just use our signup form and contact our support team after you have created your account. Ask us for your AlwaysOnSSL activation. Within a couple of hours, you'll become eligible to offer, re-sell and issue AlwaysOnSSL certificates. CertCenter is a worldwide DigiCert Master Reseller located in the United States (NYC) and the EMEA region (Frankfurt/Main, Germany). Our intermediate certificate is called AlwaysOnSSL, and it is a derivative of the DigiCert Secure Site Starter product. This intermediate certificate, in turn, is chained to the public trusted DigiCert root.

2. Get The API Client Library Of Your Choice

CertCenter offers a couple of free ready-to-go libraries (for example for PHP, Python and Go), which you can use to expedite your development and integration processes. We're managing all our API client libraries via GitHub. Download your favorite library now!

3. Equip Your Products With Free Basic Encryption

The real meaning of the AlwaysOnSSL solution is to add value to your hosting environment and to protect even the smallest site (Google Chrome recently announced that websites without https will be marked as not secure in the future). To do so, just give away domain validated certificates with every single hosting plan and each domain name you sell. But make sure you have proper upsell functionalities built into your platform to allow your users to switch to a higher-quality certificate, such as a True Business ID with extended validation or even a paid wildcard certificate. It's up to you to optimize your upsell strategy/rule-set. We highly recommend to analyze and A/B-test your rulesets periodically to maximize your earnings.

Do not hesitate to issue free SSL certificates for all of your customers' existing domain names or web hosting packages. We built AlwaysOnSSL for high volumes (even if you have tons of domain names).

4. How To Get AlwaysOnSSL Certificates?

The procedure depends on the type of domain control validation you want to use:

AlwaysOnSSL Self Service Portal

If you just want to grab your new certificate, do not hesitate to use the AlwaysOnSSL User Interface. it is not necessary to connect to AlwaysOnSSL's API in order to issue a certificate.